If you are using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, you may want to show your name and headlines to people when you have viewed your profile. It helps increase your profile views and can lead to more opportunities. LinkedIn offers three privacy choices here; please make sure that you have selected your “name and headline” option. Similarly, you may want to show your full last name to people when you appear in searches. You can make this selection under “under who can see your last name” setting in the privacy section.

Select right feed

Select the right feed to appear in front of you by following industry leaders in your field. This helps you see the content that is relevant to you and provides you the opportunity to engage. To boost visibility, comment on other people’s posts and engage with others to build your online presence. By commenting and liking, you will attract people to your profile.

Get recommendations and endorsements

One of the best ways to get recommendations is by giving recommendations to others. They will most likely return the favor. And guess what your name then appears on both profiles. Similarly endorsing people skills will motivate them to endorse your skills. Eventually, it helps strengthen your profile in a significant way.

Join and display relevant groups

These groups not only show up on your profile but also help your profile show up in relevant searches. Besides, right groups open up a lot of networking opportunities and can help you position as subject matter expert based on your participation in the discussions.

Be Human

Above all else, don’t forget to be human. People can tell when you’re not being yourself, so while making your profile marketable is all well and good, it still needs to have some personality. People do business with people they like.