A New Approach to LinkedIn Prospecting

Bulk inviting is passe. Start engagements that get replies. Try some alternatives to inviting.

We-Connect LinkedIn Automation Tool
  • LinkedIn automation

    Focus quality over quantity

    With the new LinkedIn weekly invite limits you can only send 400 invites a month. Manage your LinkedIn credits wisely. Target only the most relevant contacts. Build a quality list from Sales Navigator and save in We-Connect. You can also push qualified contacts from your CRM into We-Connect campaigns using Zapier or API.

  • Sales Navigator automation

    Invite by Email

    It's a workaround to overcome the weekly invite limits. Upload the list of email addresses and LinkedIn will send the invites to the individual LinkedIn profiles that match. Once your invite is accepted, automate the follow-up messages with We-Connect.

  • LinkedIn Tools

    Invites to people with premium LinkedIn membership

    People with premium LinkedIn memberships are active on LinkedIn and more likely to see your message. We-Connect automatically filters your list and shows you these people. Send a personalized message and increase your chances of getting a reply.

  • Automate LinkedIn

    Send Free InMails to Open Profiles

    There are people on LinkedIn that are willing to accept your message without connecting. These people are also known as Open Profiles. We-Connect automatically filters your list and shows you the Open Profiles. You can send 50 messages a day to such contacts. You don’t have to pay LinkedIn for these InMails.

  • Sales Navigator automation

    Send message to group members

    Send messages without sending a connection request. It's another good alternative to inviting and staying away from the weekly invite limits. You can send upto 25 messages a day.

  • Multi Touch Campaigns (Coming Soon)

    Set up one campaign that does it all from visiting a profile, liking a post, inviting to connect, endorsing a skill and then following the contact. All within one campaign.

Powerful Automation Tool

Rated the best of all the LinkedIn tools.

Set up and run multiple campaigns based on unique target audience profiles.

  • Go with the safest platform on the planet

    Automatically get dedicated IP address based on your location, inbuilt randomization and usage limit protections to avoid detection. Automate, yet look human.

  • Trust the the most advanced platform

    A powerful tool to make you more productive. Interactive inbox, API & zapier, reports & charts, duplicate suppression, blacklist, auto withdraw and more.

  • Budget Friendly

    $49/month. All features included. No contracts. Attractive discounts for bulk seats and annual plan. Special Agency version available.

Powerful LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Smart Reply Management

See and reply to all messages from We-Connect without logging in to LinkedIn. Flag messages as unread, lead, follow up, or archive. Easily sort messages based on your flags. Reply as you do from your email. Take notes as you do in CRM. Tag contacts based on messages. See the full history of conversations in one place.

We-Connect Smart Inbox and Chat

Easy User Management

Your organization is dynamic. You sign-up new clients and hire new employees each month. Similarly, employees and clients leave. Quickly upgrade or downgrade your plan to meet your changing needs. And, add or delete users whenever you want - directly from the app.

We-Connect Throttle Campaigns

Robust Reporting

Get a bird’s-eye view. Monitor and share your campaign performance. Get a snapshot with graphs or download a detailed report. Filter, display, and export your campaign stats by time period.

We-Connect Robust Reporting

Subscription plans for everyone

Whether you are an individual, team, or agency, we have a plan for your specific needs. Choose the team plan if you want individual logins yet pay for all seats from one account. Choose the Agency plan if you're going to manage all your client accounts from a single login.

We-Connect Advanced Search


Monitor everything from one place. Track all your contacts. View who is invited, connected, pending, where they are in the sequence. Search by name or sort by stage. Tag or pause multiple contacts. Bulk remove or blacklist with one click. Export customized data. Slice and dice the data the way you want. Play with it, get creative, and get the work done!

We-Connect Robust Reporting


One simple pricing. All features included. Fair & Transparent. No gimmicks. Cancel Anytime. Attractive discounts for multiple users and annual plan.

Pay as you go

$ 49

  • Cloud Based
  • Advanced dashboard and reporting
  • Interactive Inbox
  • 7 Campaign Types
  • Powerful campaign manager
  • Free InMails & Group Messaging
  • Drip sequences
  • Export campaign and profile data
  • Import profiles via CSV
  • Works with Sales Nav & Recruiter Lite
  • API and Zapier Integraion
  • View all features
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is We-Connect Cloud based?

    Yes, We-Connect is a completely web based paltform. You do not need to download any extension or install software. It keeps working in the background even when you are not logged in to your account. You can log in from any location or device and access your account.

  • Does We-Connect offer a dedicated IP to each account?

    Yes, we automatically assign a dedicated country based IP address. You can log in to We-Connect from any location or device without the risk of getting detected.

  • How may types of campaigns does We-Connect offer?

    We-Connect offers 7 different types of campaigns (1) Invite new connection, (2) Message 1st connections, (3) Endorse contacts, (4) Auto follow people (5) Visit profiles (6) InMails to Open Profiles (7) Message Group members.

  • Can I download my camapign data?

    Yes you can export your campaign data, profiles, and lists, including emails and phone numbers. Use the data for retargeting, email campaigns, twitter handles, and analysis. Segment data by people connected, replied, endorsed, etc.

  • Can I upload my own lists?

    Yes. You can upload a csv file containing list of contacts with their LinkedIn profile URLs.

  • Does We-Connect work with Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite?

    Yes. We-Connect works with Sales Navigator, Premium and Recruiter lite editions.

  • Can I run multiple camapigns?

    Yes. You can run multiple campaigns at the same time.

  • Can I add multiple list to existing campaign?

    Yes. You can do so at the time of creating a new campaign and also add lists to an existing campaign.

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