What can I do with We-Connect?

1. No need to download any extension or software
2. Works with all Browsers, Macs and Windows
3.Keeps working in the background even when you are not logged in to your a/c
4. Cloud based automation goes undetected
5. Does not use your machines computing power
6. Your campaigns, messages, replies and other data is always saved on the cloud.
7. Log in from any location or device
8. Same IP regardless from the sign up location

1. Invite new connection
2. Message 1st connections
3. Endorse contacts
4. Auto follow people and
5. Visit profiles

Pick the campaign types you like. Completely customizable and flexible. Automatically grow your network, generate new leads, monetize your connections and build relationships.

Bulk invite 2nd & 3rd plus connections with personalized1:1 invites

Grow your network and generate leads at a scale and speed not possible manually.

Schedule a drip sequence to your 1st connections.
Send up to 10 follow up messages.
Monetize your network.
Increase your reply rate exponentially with email style drip sequences.

Export your campaign data, profiles, and lists, including emails and phone numbers.
Use the data for retargeting, email campaigns, twitter handles, and analysis.
Segment data by people connected, replied, endorsed, etc.

Use this unique option to upload a list of contacts with their LinkedIn profile URLs.
Target contacts from your CRM, lead lists, etc. without creating a LinkedIn search.

Sync We-Connect data with your CRM and other third party apps.

Mark the replies from contacts as leads, follow-up, archive, and unread.
Do much more than you can do on LinkedIn's messaging interface.
Quickly sort your messaging inbox, stay organized and focussed.
Increase your productivity.
Keep all your leads on your sight.
Never miss a follow-up.

We-Connect works perfectly well with free Linkedin a/c. However, LinkedIn commercial usage limits apply.
We recommend using Sales Navigator to be able to use advanced search filters and sending more invites or messages per day.

Run segmented campaigns based on job titles, industry, geography, company size, or any other filters available in LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

Send customized messages to different lists based on the list criteria and buyer persona.
Save time and increase your connect and reply rate.

You don't need to stop a message sequence when you get a reply.
We-Connect detects the response and automatically stops the message sequence.

In the situations when you get an unclear response and the sequence stops, you have the option to resume the sequence in we-connect manually.

Create multiple campaigns. The next campaign automatically starts after the existing campaign completes.
Use your prime time to engage with leads and generate new business.
Create campaigns in your spare time.

Personalize your messages with First Name and six other variables.
Increase your connect and reply rate.

Export all your lists.
Use the data for retargeting, twitter handles, and analysis.
Also, de-dupe with any existing lead lists, delete unwanted contacts, and import back as CSV.

Edit your templates anytime.
Improvise on your messages and resue in your campaigns.

Create a 1,2,3,4,5, up to 30 days gap between each follow-up message.
Allow time to your prospects to reply, don't look spammy, and increases the response rate.

Choose your daily connection limits.
Stay in safe limits, emulate human behavior, protect your account from LinkedIn restrictions.

Schedule your campaigns based on time zones.
Send messages at the right time when your prospects are most likely to be active on LinkedIn. Increase your connect and reply rates.

Be in complete control.
You can add or delete messages and change settings anytime.
Rectify mistakes, improvise campaign performance.

You control when you want to send the messages.
You can pause, test another campaign, and activate the previous campaign.

Write anything you want to remember related to a particular contact like call notes, meeting notes, next steps, conversation history, discussion points, etc.
It helps you see all the information in one place, save time, and be productive.

Create and add multiple tags for your contacts.
Group your contacts.
"Tags" are great for highlighting prospects by categories like VIP, Hot Lead, Warm Lead, Agency client, industry, location, size, etc.
You can get creative and create multiple tags relevant to you.

Get instant alerts when a prospect replies, the campaign starts or completes, and a captcha is detected, etc. Never miss a lead, respond timely, and save time with these email notifications. Unsubscribe if you do not want email notifications.

See campaign level stats and charts.
Compare different campaign stats in numeric and percentages.
Identify successful, performing, and non-performing campaigns.
Benchmark your success.

Remove unwanted symbols, characters, and words, etc. from a LinkedIn Profile. Avoid embarrassing first name personalizations in the messages. Increase your invite acceptance rate and reply rates.

See all your campaigns in a tabular form in one single view.
Edit, pause or activate campaigns any time by a single click.
Run A/B tests, switch between campaigns, and reach your prospects when you want.

Bulk delete unwanted contacts from search, saved search, or from my network. Avoid sending messages to people on your do not contact list.

Save your commonly typed replies. Answer the frequently asked questions instantly. No need to copy-paste or rewrite the replies. Save time. Increase productivity.

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