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We-Connect harnesses the power of automation to make your LinkedIn and cold email outreach as efficient as possible.

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Find out what you can do when you combine LinkedIn and email outreach to enhance your lead-generation efforts.

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Customizable Campaigns

Try one of our nine fully customizable campaigns. Personalize your outreach message, set the frequency of follow-ups, randomize human-like behavior, and watch the leads flood in.

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Intuitive Smart Sequences

Set up a campaign that does it all, from visiting a profile and liking posts to sending connection requests and endorsing skills. Find out how smart sequences can boost your conversion rate today.

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Enhanced Safety

With We-Connect, each account receives its own dedicated IP address. We take extra measures to randomize delays between actions, enable sleep mode, auto-withdraw old connections, blacklist contacts, and automatically suppress duplicate actions.

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Increase your Invite Acceptance Rate


Nudge Prospects

Increase your acceptance rate by nudging prospects before and after inviting them to connect.


Smart Sequences

Before inviting a lead to connect, customize your smart campaign to visit a profile and like a post. Once connected, send a follow-up message, endorse a skill, and like a post.

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Since 2019, we’ve been honored to serve small businesses, large sales teams, and marketing and staffing agencies across the globe. Our promise is that we will continue to serve you with integrity while innovating on our products.

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We offer free online chat support for all customers from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday. We also have an extensive help library with answers to frequently asked questions, articles, videos, and best practices.

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We have over 30+ features across our LinkedIn and email outreach tools designed to increase productivity and keep your account safe. We continuously add new features based on customer feedback and strive to offer the best-valued product on the market.

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Joshua TB

Master Trainer

Fantastic software and customer service!

This software is very simple to use and saves us so much time and money! I've been able to grow my business significantly in the past month because of this software - without spending hours trying to connect, message, and follow up with people who never respond. The live chat customer support has been really helpful in resolving all our issues.

Joanne R


Highly recommend and have recommended to others

Very easy to set up and use, the support team are so good with any help needed but it is so easy to use. It runs in the background and saves me a huge amount of time.

Max B


The best value for money marketing tool I've used.

Takes the grind out of marketing and has a really helpful interface to track responses - it means you can gather meaningful KPI's. It also educated you about using LinkedIn as a marketing platform. I'm able to send out 700 connections automatically, each week, when I want and We-Connect tracks them for me.

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