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We-Connect LinkedIn Automation Tool
  • LinkedIn automation

    LinkedIn Auto Connect

    Find targeted people on LinkedIn and send personalized bulk 1:1 invites.

  • Sales Navigator automation

    LinkedIn Automated Messaging

    Send automated and personalized messages on LinkedIn to contacts in your saved search.

  • LinkedIn Tools

    Automate LinkedIn Follow-ups

    Send humanized, yet automated LinkedIn follow-ups.Thank and greet connections. Schedule upto 5 auto follow-ups if no reply.

  • Automate LinkedIn

    Don’t just Invite, Get Invited

    Automate LinkedIn profile visits and skill endorsements. Motivate people to visit your profile back.

  • LinkedIn Auto

    Advanced Messaging & Reply Management UI

    Mark and sort messages as leads, follow-up, unread and archive. Save notes and tags like in a CRM.

  • Safe & Compliant

    Safest of all the LinkedIn tools. Inbuilt safety usage limits. Compliant with most privacy laws.

Powerful Campaign Manager

Rated the best of all the LinkedIn tools.

Set up and run multiple campaigns based on unique target audience profiles.

  • Make New Connections

    Widen your network. Select thousands of prospects. Write an introduction message or use templates. Insert personalization. Add timed follow up messages if no reply. Launch and see your connections grow.

  • Discover New Opportunities

    Start new conversations with your 1st-degree network. Segment your connections based on your criteria. Engage, Personalize & Set up sequences. Sit back and watch new opportunities come in every day.

  • Endorse Skills

    Automatically endorse up to 3 top skills of your connections. Recognize and get recognition in return. Great way to give your profile an uplift.

  • Auto Visit Profiles

    Profile views matter a lot. Getting more profile views can help you get the right opportunity. Attract people to visit your profile by automatically visiting thousands of relevant profiles.

  • Auto Follow people

    Follow people that interest you to personalize your feed. We-Connect makes it easy for you to auto follow people. Chances are that they will follow you back. Increase your followers and reach a larger audience.

Powerful LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Smart Inbox & Chat

Allows you to see all messages in one place. Flag important, Mark Unread, Reply as you do from your email. Chat Window on the sidebar shows full history of conversations for easy messaging.

We-Connect Smart Inbox and Chat

Network Responsibly

Set up daily connections limits, daily follow-up limits, the delay time between connections and delay time between messages. It is extremely important to respect Linkedin Usage limits.

We-Connect Throttle Campaigns

Robust Reporting

Monitor your progress. Get a bird’s-eye view of how many connection requests you have sent, how many have been accepted, how many are pending, how many replies you have sent etc. And you can sort everything on selected time intervals.

We-Connect Robust Reporting

Advanced Search

Emulate exact Linkedin searches including premium Sales Navigator and soon with Recruiter editions. Save multiple lists for segmented campaigns based on job title, Job function, seniority, location, industry, company names.

We-Connect Advanced Search


One simple pricing. All features included. Fair & Transparent. No gimmicks. Cancel Anytime. Attractive discounts for multiple users and annual plan.

Pay as you go

$ 49

  • Cloud Based
  • Advanced dashboard and reporting
  • Interactive Inbox
  • 5 Campaign Types
  • Powerful campaign manager
  • Bulk Invite and messaging
  • Drip sequences
  • Export campaign and profile data
  • Import profiles via CSV
  • Works with free LinkedIn and Sales Navigator
  • API and Zapier Integraion
  • View all features
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