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Frequently Asked Question

Is We-Connect Cloud based?

Yes, We-Connect is a completely web based paltform. You do not need to download any extension or install software. It keeps working in the background even when you are not logged in to your account. You can log in from any location or device and access your account.

Does We-Connect offer a dedicated IP to each account?

Yes, we automatically assign a dedicated country based IP address. You can log in to We-Connect from any location or device without the risk of getting detected.

How many types of campaigns does We-Connect offer?

We-Connect offers 7 different types of campaigns (1) Invite new connection, (2) Message 1st connections, (3) Endorse contacts, (4) Auto follow people (5) Visit profiles (6) InMails to Open Profiles (7) Message Group members.

Can I download my campaign data?

Yes you can export your campaign data, profiles, and lists, including emails and phone numbers. Use the data for retargeting, email campaigns, twitter handles, and analysis. Segment data by people connected, replied, endorsed, etc.

Can I upload my own lists?

Yes. You can upload a csv file containing list of contacts with their LinkedIn profile URLs.

Does We-Connect work with Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite?

Yes. We-Connect works with Sales Navigator, Premium and Recruiter lite editions.

Can I run multiple campaigns?

Yes. You can run multiple campaigns at the same time.

Can I add multiple list to existing campaign?

Yes. You can do so at the time of creating a new campaign and also add lists to an existing campaign.

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